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How to Fix Low Water Pressure in Your House


Wondering how to fix low water pressure at home? Try these three common quick fixes to see if they put a little more flow into your faucets – before you have to call in the experts to help.   1.  Clean your aerators If you have an individual faucet or fixture that’s giving you trouble,...

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Your Ultimate Guide to Roommates


As September approaches, many students and young adults may be considering a roommate. Especially for those who have never had a roommate, there may be many questions looming: Do you need a roommate? How do you pick your roomie? How do you get along with someone sharing your living space? We discuss these burning questions...

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Moving Day Must-Haves


Moving can be a fun experience. While it may require a lot of work and preparation, the results are a new place to call home. We’ve outlined three types of things we suggest having on-hand through your move to make the transition smoother: valuables, basics and cleaning supplies. Keep reading for practical ways to be...

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Upcycling Your Home


Upcycling is the art of repurposing old furniture, décor, or housewares. It can be as simple as re-imagining a mug you no longer use as a pen jar or as complicated as turning a rotary phone into a lamp. This practice cuts back on the amount of trash in landfills and allows you to create...

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The Logistics of Moving in Together


Warmer weather means moving season is upon us. Moving in the summer months is much easier, since you don’t have to contend with snow on the roads or other bad weather. Many people often move in together at this time of year, what with the school season ending and wedding season beginning. Plus, they can...

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AMJ’s Advice from the Expert: How to Avoid Moving Day Surprises


When you first moved away from home, you may have fit all your possessions in your own car. The further you get through life, the more complicated moving becomes. From one room, to an apartment, to a home with kids and pets, relocating becomes more work. Don’t worry, we spoke with AMJ Senior Project Manager...

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Spruce Up Your Yard This Summer with These 3 Seasonal Tips


Canadians celebrate Garden Days for a week every June with a variety of events across the country. Whether it’s a farmer’s market, gardening workshop, or a public picnic, you can come together with all kinds of like-minded nature lovers this week.   Like many other arts, horticultural trends can vary from season to season. We’ve...

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3 Tips for a Successful Moving Sale


Packing is a lovely reminder of all the wonderful items you own. It’s also a potentially distressing reminder of all the stuff you’ve collected that is now cluttering up your life. Moving is an opportune time to turn that chaos into cash with a yard or garage sale. Organizing a moving sale can be a...

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Your Guide to Moving Out for the First Time


Moving out for the first time is an exciting milestone. Maybe you just got your first full-time job after university and you can’t wait to start a life on your own. Maybe you’ve been living with your parents for the last few years after graduation so you could save up to buy a home. Or...

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Cords and Currents: A Guide to Your Home’s Electrical Safety


Electricity is an essential part of our daily lives. Our houses are all filled with outlets that we use to power the devices we depend on. In fact, it’s become so routine to have access to this technology that we often take it for granted.   May is Electrical Safety Month—a time that reminds us...

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