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How You Know You’ve Found the Perfect Neighbourhood


There’s more to a perfect neighbourhood than picture perfect houses and white picket fences. If a move is on the horizon and home shopping has begun, there are several things you should be looking for in your new community. Not all areas are created equal and everyone has individual needs and desires. To help you...

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Home Insurance vs. Renters Insurance: A Breakdown


You’ve just moved into your new place and thought the hard part was over. Yet, settling into your home requires completing several additional tasks to moving, from getting your internet and utilities sorted to transferring phone lines and re-routing your mail. The list can seem never ending. One task that requires particular consideration is getting...

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Inspired by Pantone: 12 Easy Ways to Add Colour to Your Home Interior


The Spring/Summer 2019 Pantone colours, inspired by New York Fashion Week, are a powerhouse palette ideal for sprucing up your space. Whether you’re passionate about DIY projects, live to decorate your home or want to stay up to date on the latest trends, this year’s tones will not disappoint. Read on to learn how to...

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Radon Gas in Homes: What You Need to Know


Invisible and odourless, radioactive radon gas occurs naturally in the environment when the uranium in rocks and soil breaks down. Although the gas does not pose a risk when outdoors, radon can be a health hazard if it gets trapped indoors. This National Safety Month, we want to equip you with some basic information about this potentially...

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AMJ’s Advice from the Expert: How to Handle Last-Minute Moves


Sometimes, life happens. Perhaps you have just been hired for a job in a new city, were recently accepted to university or have a promotion that requires a rapid change of address. Whatever the case may be, you need to move quickly. And we are here to help. We spoke with Mathieu Belanger, Regional Vice...

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Easy Moving Tips from the Pros


It is easy to feel overwhelmed in the face of your move, especially as tasks mount and the big day approaches. But if you prepare in advance and stay organized, you’ll be on your way to enjoying the excitement of a new beginning rather than stressing about transitioning to a new space. Continue reading to...

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Furnishing Your Place: A Checklist on What to Buy for Your New Home


The reasons for moving into a new house are endless. Perhaps you have taken the leap and moved out of your parents’ place, are upgrading from an apartment, or are looking for more rooms for your growing family to fill. Whatever you are looking for from your space, one thing is certain. You will need...

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Moving Hacks 101: What to Bring, Buy and Not to Forget


When the time comes that you finally get to move into your new house, you don’t want to be rushing back and forth to the store running errands when you could be focused on unpacking and setting-up, or simply putting your feet up to relax and enjoy your new space. Help prevent that from happening...

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Who Can Claim Moving Expenses? CRA Income Tax Guide


Income tax season can raise many questions for Canadians. Should I use an income tax accountant? What can I claim on my income taxes? As you progress into different life stages—such as having kids or buying a house—new options arise that may impact what you can claim. Moving expenses are one of the top six...

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Moving with Kids: 4 Tips to Make it Easier


Transition is hard for all of us, but when your child is faced with moving, it can feel like their entire world is unravelling. We’ve collected some helpful tips you can use to ease the disruption of relocation that aim to relieve anxiety for both parents and kids. Give Them Ownership Involve them in the...

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