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Moving with Kids: 4 Tips to Make it Easier


Transition is hard for all of us, but when your child is faced with moving, it can feel like their entire world is unravelling. We’ve collected some helpful tips you can use to ease the disruption of relocation that aim to relieve anxiety for both parents and kids. Give Them Ownership Involve them in the...

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Using a Shipping Container Can Make Your Out-Of-Province Move Easy


Moving is a big job, and the greater the distance you move the more challenging (and expensive) the logistics of the move can get. So much so that sometimes people decide it’s not worth the hassle to take their stuff with them, opting to sell, store or get rid of most of their belongings. However,...

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Your 6-Week Planner: Preparing for Moving Day


Counting down the days to moving day? Lack of preparation is one of the main reasons a move can be a stressful occasion. Do yourself a favour by breaking down your to-do list into manageable steps with the help of AMJ’s 6-week moving planner. 6 weeks outs Begin your moving efforts at least six weeks...

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Expert Tips for Cold-Weather Moving


When you live in Canada, cold weather is hard to avoid. So, if moving day comes along with a frosty forecast, here are the best ways to tackle the task efficiently—and not let winter get in the way of your fresh start. Clear the way Safety should be your top priority when moving in winter...

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Purging into 2019: What to Bring into the New Year


The beginning of a New Year brings the opportunity for a fresh start, new goals and a new mindset. It sounds simple, but every time you look around your home or open a closet door you’re faced with the reality that you’re still surrounded by the endless piles of stuff that have accumulated from years...

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Tips for Moving During the Holidays


Moving can be a stressful endeavour no matter what time it is on the calendar but making a move during the holiday season brings along some additional challenges. On top of all the traditions and responsibilities synonymous with the holiday time of the year, such as finding the perfect gifts for friends and family, making...

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AMJ’s Advice from the Expert: A Day in the Life of a Driver


No matter how excited you might be to move into a new home, relocation can be a stressful process. But, did you know that, behind the scenes, moving teams put a whole lot of care, consideration, and pre-planning into each move to help support you and make your relocation feel as effortless as possible. We...

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Mortgages 101: How to Create a Responsible Financial Plan


Congratulations, you’re going to be a homeowner! Maybe this is your first foray into property ownership, or maybe this isn’t your first home-buying rodeo. Regardless, the best way to make the most of your investment is to go in with a responsible financial plan that considers all aspects of taking on a home loan (called...

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3 Ways to Create an Efficient Study Space


Every September, we turn a fresh page. It’s the time when we re-establish our regular schedules at work, get the kids back to school, and re-start all those other annual activities we took a break from over the summer. If you’re looking to give yourself, and your school-age children, a motivation boost for the upcoming...

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Tips for moving with your newborn


Moving can be a big undertaking—even more so if you’ve got a brand-new bundle of joy at home. But if you put in a little preparation, arrange for lots of help, and let go of your goals for absolute perfection, you’ll be able to get the job done well—and won’t have any grey hairs to...

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